If your thinking about booking a massage , read what clients have to say about me  🙂

  • Ellee says:

    I love Sally’s massages. Not only does she always hit the right spots, but she really cares about giving you what you want and making sure it is a pleasurable experience.

  • Geoff says:

    Sally’s massages are truly brilliant. I can thorougly recommend them. Looking forward to one of Sally’s massage’s upon my return from India (where there head massages are nowhere as good as Sally’s!!!)

  • Helen says:

    I love Sally’s massages. She is professional and friendly and really puts anyone at their ease. She is skilled and highly competent. She knows exactly what she is doing. Both Indian and all over massages are great. I love both. Her prices are reasonable and I would not go anywhere else. Try one. You will not be disappointed I am sure. It makes you feel great.

  • Colin says:

    Sally came over to my girlfriends in Huntingdon on Saturday to give her a full body massage from a gift voucher some friends bought her. It had to be done, I had a back and shoulder massage immediately after and we can both say they were gorgeous! Sally did state that we may ache a little the following day which we did but we both know it has done us so much good. We would recommend a home visit from Sally who is very professional and affordable.

  • ROBERT says:

    sally does a great massage, very relaxing and refreshing…
    being a hard working person, doing lots of lifting etc,,, always pushing by body to it’s limit… suffering from bad knee joints too…
    sally always seem to get to the right spots, i would be happy to recommend sally to anybody….
    great job sally many thanks




    2 Responses to Testimonials

    1. James says:

      We can echo the previous comments, though we are both retired we are always working hard and pushing our bodies beyond reasonable limits. A regular massage from Sally works wonders and is so relaxing that it’s difficult not to doze off when the conversation begins to drift and the thought processes slowly shut down.

    2. bob ward says:

      Just had “the best” massage ever. I have bruising of the spinal cord and over the past 8 years have had many treatments and massages. Sally is the best by far. She works so hard to make you feel so good in the comfort of your own home!. Thank you Lovely Lady . Bob Ward,. Sutton Bridge

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