Sciatica and Massage

I am almost certain that I have muscular sciatica

“Muscular sciatica is a result of a deep muscle spasm in the buttocks. This impinges the sciatic nerve near the hip, causing pain and weakness. While vertebral sciatica can strike anytime of day, the attacks of muscular sciatica more often occur in the early morning. Sufferers may notice the pain decreasing during the course of the day as a result of routine use of the muscles.

Massage and Sciatica
Muscular sciatica can involve all the musculoskeletal symptoms of the leg. Unlike vertebral sciatica, this type of sciatica may not respond well to chiropractic manipulation, but it responds exceptionally well to the soft tissue approach of massage therapy.

An ideal way to address early symptoms of sciatica is through use of therapeutic massage. Massage therapy helps remove waste materials from muscles. Benefits include “breaking up” muscle spasms and increases the flow of oxygen to the muscles. Massage also lengthens and relaxes muscle groups allowing them to rest. Range of motion and flexibility are restored.

If ignored the dull pain of early morning sciatica can develop into chronic sharp or debilitating pain. Complications include sensitivity or swelling of the buttocks, legs or feet”.

Now I may not be able to massage myself but I do work in the right place to get some great treatment.

and If you suffer with Sciatica you can always contact me for a nice relaxing massage in the comfort of your own home 🙂



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